GZ National Engineering Laboratory For Video Technology Research&Industrialization Center

Guangzhou National Engineering Laboratory for Video Technology Research and Industrialization Center (Center for short) was founded by Guangzhou Government allied with Peking University in June, 2009. Depending on Guangzhous favorable research conditions and geographical advantage as well as the strong research and products developing team of CHNAVS( Guangzhou CHNAVS Digital Technology Co, Ltd.), the Center aims to fully exert the laboratorys strength on professionals, technology and research ability and to tightly take hold of the important opportunity as make full use of the scientific technology, and works on the industrialization of AVS domestic innovation.

The center is an institution directly under the National Engineering Laboratory for Video Technology. In accordance with the construction tasks issued by the National Development and Reform Commission, the center mainly focuses on meeting the need of development of audio and video broadcast, multimedia communications, and audio-visual consumer electronics , participating in setting up international and domestic standards , and promoting the industrialization of AVS HD technology and HD media operations to develop the national HD industries in Guangzhou-centered Pearl River Delta region and forge a complete digital media value chain of chips and software design, model design and manufacturing and media production and operation.

In the early days of establishment, the centers current task is: 1) AVS high-definition video encoding module design and development; 2) high-definition program production and promotion of high-definition media operations; 3) AVS receiver platform design and development; 4) AVS encoding chips design and manufacturing; 5) video monitoring technology integration and its solution. 6) AVS video for 3G and its solution.